The Ministry  held its first public worship service in an 800 square foot office building on October 3rd, 2003, with 25 people in attendance.  3107-A Evans Street was the home of the Church for exactly one year to the day.  With a seating capacity of only 25,  the demands of the ministry quickly outgrew capabilities of the facility.

 In October of 2004, the church was blessed to move into the second location at 113 West Fire Tower Road.  The space was doubled, and the ministry grew spiritually and physically.  We established a children’s church, college outreach, and other auxiliaries to better serve our community.   As the ministry continued to grow in number, the 1680 square foot facility began to feel as if the first location was recreated.

Fifteen months into the second location, Bishop Daniels received a call from a local commercial real estate company, and he was asked if the ministry was in need of a church.  One Tuesday afternoon, Bishop Daniels met the representative on the corner of 11th and Forbes streets in front of a 14,000 square foot  worship facility.  The ministry was blessed to move into the third location on October 1, 2006.  The church went from 1,680 square feet to 14,000 square feet in 17 months!  The current location seats more than 200 people with an overflow capacity of another 200, a children’s ministry area, full-service kitchen, fellowship hall, and an administrative wing.  On March 29, 2010, Power of His Presence purchased the property as well as land across the street that currently serves as  parking for the ministry.

The Church has experienced phenomenal growth since its birth in 2003.  Beginning with a single family, the ministry has witnessed hundreds of lives impacted for the glory of God. We renovated the current location in 2011 with technological enhancements and decor to foster an environment of worship and to help attendees experience the power of God's presence in an impactful, enjoyable atmosphere.

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